Our story

LAMB started as an idea, born out of a practical frustration. Through lockdown as we all became more invested in our garden, the team struggled to find a shoe that was robust enough for digging and practical and easy to slip on and off.... Welcome brand LAMB.

We have decades of trading experience making high performance footwear for world renowned brands and know how important it is to own a good pair of gardening shoes.

Our mission

The team set out to design the most protective, comfortable and reliable gardening shoe in the market, demonstrating attention to detail matched by few others, if any, in the industry.

Our product

The LAMB shoe has special features like a durable outsole, reinforced control zone and a steel shank for years of support. Made with premium neoprene and rubber for both protection and flexibility, meticulous attention has been paid to sizing, comfort and fit.


    A deep tread design that offers superior traction
    and grip in all terrains.


    Hardwearing rubber enforced tabs, perfect for slipping on and off for ease.


    The versatile natural rubber outsole holds in muddy conditions, yet sheds dirt quickly and efficiently.


    A combination of neoprene and natural rubber that is so easy to handle that you can simply hose them down.


    The steel shank runs across the entire sole for stability and fatigue-reducing arch support.